Learn to deal with stress, anxiety, depression and harmful habits. Develop coping tools to help you achieve your personal goals.

Is therapy for me?

Therapy can often be helpful when attempting to deal with issues that you encounter in your everyday life

While unhelpful thoughts and behaviours can affect your ability to overcome personal challenges, therapy can enable you to see new possibilities, develop strategies for coping with issues and redesign aspects of your life so you can focus on a more positive future.

How therapy can help

Therapy can offer you help with stress, anxiety and its effects and harmful or unhelpful habit patterns, including addictions and insomnia. The possibilities for personal growth and achievement are significant once you discover the course of action that is right for you.

Reducing stress and anxiety

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An illustration of Debra
Public speaking fear

Debra had a fear of public speaking, even among friends and family. She came to see me before a special birthday party where she was expected to address her guests.

"I thought I would let you know that my birthday party went very well. The most amazing thing happened – I stood up and was able to address our guests for about three minutes. I felt nervous but got on with it anyway. It left me with a feeling of great satisfaction. So, many thanks to you."

An illustration of Linda

Linda had a fear of snakes which bothered her much of the time and prevented her browsing magazines or watching tv programmes.

"After doing the homework you set me, I can confirm that by Sunday I choose to watch a snake on the TV. My family were astounded by my complete lack of reaction!"

An illustration of Steph

Steph had great difficulty leaving her home and became very anxious when she tried to do so. Steph was due to start her university course in occupational therapy and feared that her difficulties would prevent her doing so.

"Well, I have survived my first two weeks of uni and I am really enjoying it. Things have been very good. I have my bad times but mainly things seemed to have settled down. I’m just looking after myself and not pushing myself too much … I just wanted to say a massive, huge thank you for helping me to help myself. I definitely understand myself better. I now know that even if it comes back a bit, I can completely deal with it! You really helped and you’re fantastic at what you do!"

And in March of the following year...

"Everything is so much better. I am feeling like my old self. I very rarely get any bad times."

An illustration of Jess

Jess had a previous delivery that was painful and difficult, so she was apprehensive about a second experience of labour.

"My birth experience was all that I had wanted. From my waters going she was born within the hour with only gas and air – it was a far calmer delivery. In fact, they had no idea how things were progressing. I was totally relaxed."

Breaking unwanted habits and addictions

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Improving performance

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An illustration of Nicky
Examination nerves

Nicky anticipated examinations with trepidation as a result of previous occasions when nerves had prevented her demonstrating her true ability.

"Just a quick note to let you know I passed both maths and economics with flying colours and remained relatively stress free! Thanks very much for your help and advice!"

Emotional blocks

Jackie came to see me when self-doubt was interfering with achieving her goals.

"No words can express my gratitude for your great kindness to me, helping me to overcome my doubts within myself, and helping me to achieve what I have … I hope that I will be able … to help other people."

Working with children

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An illustration of Nadia
Nadia, 9 years old
Separation anxiety

Nadia would become so anxious when apart from her mum that she couldn't enjoy sleepovers or go on school trips. After I worked with Nadia, her mum wrote to me.

"I feel that I really must thank you for the wonderful way that you treated Nadia and to let you know the difference that you made to her everyday life. She has really blossomed, and her whole outlook on life has changed...

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An illustration of Ben

Ben had recovered from an illness and though he was physically well, he was too frightened to sleep in his own bed, where he'd felt terrible while he was ill.

"I am just writing to say thank you for helping me get back in my own bed. I have been sleeping there for a week now. Thank you!"

An illustration of Harriet

Harriet was very frightened of dogs, which often affected family outings.

"Thank you for helping me about dogs. I am much better. I walk past dogs."


All forms of therapy and counselling provide a professional relationship in which it is safe to explore difficult and painful emotions and experiences, including feelings of anxiety, depression or trauma.

My aim is to help you to become free from the restrictive effects of the past, be better able to deal with the present and to shape your future as you choose.

Treatment is based on your needs and the nature of the problem you are dealing with. As therapy is a collaborative venture, we will plan this together, identifying approaches that may be useful to you.


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Cognitive behavioural therapy

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Solution-focused therapy

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Initial consultation
2 hours
Standard therapy session
90 minutes
Special programmes
Stop smoking
2 x 2 hours


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Home visits

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Cancellation policy

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Personal information you share with me will always remain completely confidential.