Specialist teaching

Overcome specific difficulties in literacy and numeracy and encourage the development of learning and study skills to help your child fulfil their potential.

Young people respond positively when both their educational and personal needs are addressed. Assessment, guidance and tuition identify and provide opportunities for them to acquire and strengthen the skills they will need at various stages of their education, develop a positive attitude to learning and resolve any emotional blocks that may be getting in their way.

Areas covered include:

  • Literacy and numeracy difficulties
  • Specific learning difficulties
  • Behavioural issues related to learning
  • Study skills and revision techniques
  • Assistance with SATs and GCSE examinations

Educational services


Individual tuition

An illustration of Debra

Rebecca posted this message on the Mustard Seed Facebook page.

Not sure if anyone is considering private tutors for their little ones. If so may I recommend my son’s tutor David Bertram. His career has been in SEN having worked in schools for years, being a SENCO and also working for Hampshire SEND. As such he is eminently qualified in supporting youngsters with learning challenges. He has done wonders for my boy. He is based in Aldershot and offers after school sessions.

An illustration of Linda

Lesley got in touch when her son's KS2 SATS results came through.

"I thought you might want to know how Sam did in his SATS. He got a level 4 for his English overall and a level 5 for reading comprehension and best of all he got a level 5 for his maths. I am so delighted for him. I know this will give him a boost in confidence in time for secondary. I would just like to say a massive thank you for all your hard work and patience with him.

Study skills

Behaviour affecting learning


Initial consultation
An in-depth discussion of your child's needs, including a plan of action.
Individual tuition
1 hour
Support for specific learning difficulties, literacy and numeracy skills, subject-specific tuition and preparation for GCSE examinations.
Specialist assessment
An independent assessment of your child's educational needs, accompanied by a written report for parents and the education service.
Follow-up report
A follow-up report based on your child's progress, needs and recommendations for further support.
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