Specialist teaching

Overcome specific difficulties in literacy and numeracy and encourage the development of learning and study skills to help your child fulfil their potential.

Young people respond positively when both their educational and personal needs are addressed. Assessment, guidance and tuition identify and provide opportunities for them to acquire and strengthen the skills they will need at various stages of their education, develop a positive attitude to learning and resolve any emotional blocks that may be getting in their way.

Areas covered include:

  • Literacy and numeracy difficulties
  • Specific learning difficulties
  • Behavioural issues related to learning
  • Study skills and revision techniques
  • Assistance with SATs and GCSE examinations

Educational services


Diagnostic assessment explores the reasons for the difficulties your child is experiencing, asks questions about underlying skills that may be weak while also identifying their strengths.
An assessment will enable us to set appropriate goals for your child's learning and to choose appropriate teaching techniques to achieve them.
A written report may also be useful to ensure that everyone working with your child shares similar goals.

Individual tuition

Weekly tuition is tailored to meet your child's needs. We will set clear goals and work on specific difficulties identified in assessment. Consolidation activities may be suggested to reinforce the work done or to address difficulties related to dyslexia, weaknesses in spelling and other areas.
For secondary-age students approaching GCSE and GCE examinations, there is an increasing emphasis on study skills and revision techniques.

Study skills

Each new step in your child's educational career will come with greater demands to study independently and for skills they may not yet have mastered. Tuition with a focus on study skills will provide tools that your child can use to learn effectively as they embark on examination courses and pursue more advanced studies.

Behaviour affecting learning

Sometimes, students may find it hard to behave appropriately or may be prone to emotional outbursts due to difficulties with interpreting social cues or a mismatch between their style of learning and expectations in school. Consultation with parents may include guidance on behaviour management or support for discussions with your child's school.


Initial consultation
An in-depth discussion of your child's needs, including a plan of action.
Individual tuition
1 hour
Support for specific learning difficulties, literacy and numeracy skills, subject-specific tuition and preparation for GCSE examinations.
Specialist assessment
An independent assessment of your child's educational needs, accompanied by a written report for parents and the education service.
Follow-up report
A follow-up report based on your child's progress, needs and recommendations for further support.
Personal information you share with me will always remain completely confidential.